Interpipe manufactures seamless tubing pipes in accordance with major international standards
API 5CT, GOST 633-80 and other.
Interpipe casing product range:

Standard Nominal size Min. diameter, mm (inch) Max. diameter, mm (inch) Min. wall thickness, mm (inch) Max. wall thickness, mm (inch) Type of end-finish
API 5СТ 2 3/8 60,32 (2,38) 114,30 (4,50) 4,83 (0,19) 6,88 (0,27) NU, EU, P
GOST633-80 4 1/2 60,3 114 5,00 7,00 NU, EU, gas tight connection

Pipes are produced:
  • Non-upset with plain ends (P)
  • Non-upset threaded ends (NU)
  • Upset threaded ends (EU)
Interpipe tubing pipes are used for exploration and exploitation of oil and gas wells all over the world, including USA, Canada, Middle East, CIS and Russia.