JFEBEAR premium connection

JFEBEAR is gas-tight premium connection. It has successfully passed the test according to ISO 13679:2002 and DIS 2009, CAL IV. The history of its application has over 15 years.

The Design of the World Leader

The connection was developed by JFE Steel Corporation, the leader in design of premium products for OCTG. Interpipe adopted the experience of Japanese colleagues and successfully passed throw the qualification for JFEBEAR producing.

JFEBEAR withstands extremal loads

JFEBEAR premium connection provides high reliability level while construction of vertical, directional and horizontal wells. It has been successfully applied for exploitation of deep-lying oil; wells into high formation pressure; hostile environments.
Design features of the premium connection provides its high performance.

JFEBEAR Design Features

23/8-27/8’’– 8 TPI
31/2’’– 6 TPI
41/2-95/8’’– 5 TPI
Taper – 1:16