To ensure additional protection from the threat of corrosion, Interpipe applies two to three layers of polyethylene coating for 114mm - 530 mm diameter pipes.
External coating applications are also possible for pipes with diameters which are less than 114 mm, and an internal coating can be applied to the entire product range (upon agreement with the mill).
Coating thickness is dependent on the required service conditions with the layers, dependent on the number of layers, ranging between 1.5mm - 6mm in thickness.
There are several types of coating execution, depending on the purpose and operating conditions of pipes. These include:

  • Heat-resistant coating
  • Enhanced frost-resistant coating
  • Special coating (for pipeline sections and underwater tapers, arranged with a closed construction method).
Coating quality ensures the possibility for pipe service under different climate conditions, with the temperature range from -40°C to +80°C.
Coating quality is finalized through certificates of compliance with international standards DIN 30670, EN ISO 21809-2011, EN 10288, which are issued by organizations such as TUV NORD (ISO 9001), Russian Register and “UKRSEPRO”.