Interpipe Steel –  metallurgy of the new generation

Interpipe Steel is the first steel plant, built in Ukraine from the scratch for almost half a century. Total volume of investments has amounted to 1 billion US dollars.

The mill combines innovative steel-melting technologies, a new approach to the production culture, and contemporary art installations by Olafur Eliasson - part and parcel of the enterprise.

Such combination represents a new metallurgical production philosophy of the 21st century – a new phase in industry development.

High-technology production facilities

Interpipe Steel has been designed and built to provide the Company's mills with own high quality steel billets for pipe and railway wheels production. The idea behind the construction of the new electric steel-smelting complex, Interpipe Steel, was to replace the outdated, energy-consuming, open hearth production method with a more progressive, electro-smelting method of steel production.

As for the level of technology, working conditions, and ecological standards, this is a new phase in industry development.

"Green" Metallurgy

The new mill is a "green" investment for Interpipe Company.  Interpipe Steel is equipped with state-of-the-art, ecologically safe technology:

  • Efficient gas purification system, ensuring reduction of dust emissions to the atmosphere;
  • Special bonnet at the electric arc steel-melting furnace, reducing the noise level significantly;
  • Closed cycle of the water supply system, ensuring the complete elimination of industrial waste water discharge to the Dnipro River.

New production culture

Interpipe Steel is the mill, where human values and needs top the chart. The unique production culture is comprised of components such as: modern conveniences in production and administrative work areas, specifically designed uniforms designated for each department and onsite cafeteria available for personnel.